About Shashi Goyal

Shashi Goyal – Chief Data Officer

Shashi Goyal brings over 30 years of experience in leadership positions in Computer Science and  Information Technology to our team. Before arriving in the United States, he began his career with an information technology firm in Melbourne, Australia. In 2002, he co-founded and is currently President of  “ITECS” an Information Technology Engineering and Consulting Services company located in New York. Prior to joining ITECS, he served as a Vice President – Technology with Iris Financial, a Wall  Street firm in New York and was responsible for managing the IT technology services to Mortgage  Backed Security and US Treasury trading desks for their client “Citigroup” in NY, USA.  Shashi Goyal played key roles in his tenure with Bank of America Securities, NY and IBM and has served in various capacities in the IT engineering services to support the financial  investment banking operations in the modern electronic world with internet web technology. Shashi holds a MBA degree from the Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia and Bachelor of  Engineering (B.E.) degree from Poona University, India.